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Sunday Lunch Only

Hainanese & Roast Chicken Rice

Limited Quantities! Especially the Roast chicken 🙂

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Johnny shares his take on a Malaysian hawker classic

For Johnny, Hainanese Chicken Rice has a sense of nostalgia, having originated from the island of Hainan, in the south of China where his parents immigrated from. This iconic dish in Malaysia and Singapore combines poached chicken with fragrant ginger rice. 

Johnny’s version has been adapted over the years to create the most authentic taste, reminiscent of eating at a Malaysian hawker stall.

“It’s all about the process, and the choice of ingredients”

– Johnny


1/ Preparing the Chicken

Unlike other places, our Hainanese Chicken Rice uses chicken thighs only instead of a whole chicken as they are most juicy. Cooked for 30 minutes in boiling water, and submerged in ice after taken out, the end result is a tender chicken, with smooth skin and a rich chicken stock.

2/ The Perfect Rice

Choosing the right rice is very important for hainanese chicken rice. We prefer jasmine for its nice texture and subtle fragrance. To get the perfect individual grains, we make sure to soak and drain well before infusing the rice with pandan leaf and a mixture of ginger, garlic and oil from the chicken, to get the flavour we all know and love.


At Mid Valleys, we bring a little taste of Malaysia to you all through our family recipe. Available Sunday Lunch only. 

Served with a warming chicken soup, a side of beanshoots or lettuce, accompanied with homemade tangy chilli sauce. 

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